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If making your own rag quilt is not your thing or you dont have time, then you can buy one already made. So many are being made and sold now that you can usually find exactly what you are looking for. Rag quilts come in a variety of colors and sizes so you should be able to find one to suit your needs.

There are tons of beautiful rag quilts here that you can choose from. Please check the links if you would like to look for any type of specific rag quilts. I like quilts rag quilts made out of flannel because the more you wash them, the softer and cozier they will become. I really love chenille and my favorite is minky dot because it's so super soft. You will find many children's rag quilts are created with the minky dot fabric and super soft chenille. It is pretty expensive so most rag quilts using it are pretty small.

If you are looking for a queen or king size hand made rag quilt expect to pay a bit more than for some of the lap throw or baby quilt sizes. I have seen some factory handmade versions and that will keep the price of your rag quilt down a bit. Once you find a seller that you can appreciate the quality of their work you might approach them and ask them if they can do some custom work for you. Rag quilts don't take too long to make so if you request a custom quilt you should have a pretty quick turn around time.

Everyone always appreciates a handmade gift so if you have never given a gift like this you are in for a wonderful surprise. I think a gift that shows the thoughfulness and love put into it is much more appreciated than a store bought gift. A rag quilt is something that will be snuggled and enjoyed for many years to come. So when you're searching for a rag quilt make sure that it's a good quality one so it will withstand the test of time and many washings. Rag quilts get softer and fluffier every time they are washed and dried so you don't have to worry about wash and wear with these wonderful quilts.

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