Shabby Chic Rag Quilts

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You will find lots of beautiful shabby chic rag quilts that you can choose from. Check out the links if you would like to look for any type of specific rag quilts. You can find exactly what type of rag quilt you are looking for. There are so many beautiful vintage cottage shabby chic rag quilts. Lots of great fabrics and Rachel Ashwell style fabrics in the rag quilts. Lots of ruffles, whites, pinks, pastels and cozy comfortable colors to create a wonderful and relaxing retreat in your bedroom. Shabby Chic style started in England and is a wonderful country cottage style gives and overall elegant effect. Shabby Chic rag quilts are very stylish and fashionable and is a very relaxed femine touch to your bedroom.

Along with your shabby chic rag quilt you should be able to find many accessories to go along with it. Get a great matching bed ruffles, pillow shams, sheets, etc.. and you'll be ready to jump into bed, snuggle in and never leave! I love the shabby chic style because it's seems so vintage and homey but yet offers and upscale feeling of warmth and elegance. What's great about the shabby chic style of rag quilts is that you will find a much larger selection of king and queen sized quilts. I made a queen sized shabby chic rag quilt and it got pretty bulky with the thickness that I made and all the fabric that was put together. So if you're looking for this style in your bedroom, it might be easier to buy one already put together than try to make it yourself, especially if it's your first time making a rag quilt.

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