Chenille Rag Quilts

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Since my favorite rag quilt material is Chenille, I had to include that in this website. I love chenille rag quilts so much because they are so soft, warm and they just make you wanna snuggle up. Babies have such soft and delicate skin that I enjoy making baby rag quilts out out of chenille because I know how much they enjoy that texture on their skin. These make the perfect unique gifts for a new mother. You can also find some chenille rag quilt burp cloths, pillows and other accesories to go along with your chenille rag quilt. If you find a quilt that you like and cannot seem to find the accesories for it, email the creator and see if they can do a custom order for you. Most quilters will be tickeled pink to make you exactly whatever it is that you are looking for. You can custom design orders to match a room or something fun that you know a new mother will appreciate. I'd say that minky dot chenille is my favorite!

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