Rag Quilt Scissors

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If you have ever made a rag quilt you will know that the hardest and most labor intensive part of it is the cutting of the edges to produce the ragging effect. I have tried all kinds of scissors.. long, short, expensive, cheap, etc.. and searched the internet to find the best method of cutting the edges. It takes forever and you can really do some serious damage to your hands if you are not careful. I have come out the other side of a rag quilt with plenty of blisters and war wounds, so I speak from experience. Spring loaded scissors will take some of the work out of this job for you. Rag quilt scissors do cost a bit more than regular scissors but you will be grateful in the end, I promise you that! It's not worth the headache and handache when there is an easy solution to the cutting and finishing part of your rag quilt.

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